Patch 0.2 – Mission possible!

Patch 0.2 is here and adds a lot of features:

Main features

  • Quests
    • You will now find some quests in selected biomes: Jungle, Desert and Forest
  • New biome: Jungle
    • New type of tree: Jungle tree
    • New NPC: Raptor
  • New species: Floranian
    • Floranians are in balance with nature and love everything that grows.

More features

  • NPCs
    • NPCs now wander around
    • Improved NPC movement
    • New NPC: Raptor
  • Combat
    • Fire staff
      • Fireball now correctly does damage over time to the target
      • New spell: Ignite
  • Server
    • Servers can now be started via a button in the game (but currently only with default options)
    • Added icon to system tray
  • UI
    • Added settings menu
    • Added radar that show objects (e.g. quests) that are in the direction you are facing
    • Added quest tracker that show all tracked quests
    • Added red border around the screen when player is at low health
    • Added interaction tooltip below the crosshairs when facing an object that can be interacted with
  • Crafting
    • New recipes: Glass and jungle wood planks

Bugfixes and improvements

  • Map
    • Planets can now be filtered by the player’s level
    • The planet list now shows more info about planets
  • Performance and graphics
    • Added character (players, NPCs) and model (workbench etc.) shadows
    • Improved graphics performance
    • Optimized CPU usage, including some multi-threading, for rendering
    • Optimized world generation
    • Fixed planet rendering during sunrise and sunset
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed texture bug of block selection box
    • Fixed position of other players
    • Fixed bugs related to the planet’s poles and the transition at X=0
    • Fixed chunk loading and unloading issues
    • Loot in NPC corpses is now preserved even if the server is restarted
    • Fixed possible deadlock that could cause the server to become unresponsive
    • Security
      • Obtained code signing certificate, so there should be less warnings from Windows and also less problems with anti-virus software

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