Patch 0.1 – A new planet awaits!

Patch 0.1 is here and brings some new features and bugfixes!

New features

  • New planet type: Lunar
    • New type of ore that can only be found on lunar planets
    • New NPCs
    • New blocks (lunar rock)
  • New NPCs
    • Sand, Air, and Lunar Elementals
    • Polar wolves
  • Block updates
    • Water now flows, flooding caves that are underwater
    • Optimized block update in client
  • New loot
    • Loot is now random and specific to NPC species
    • Added elemental essences and elemental dust
  • Physics and movement
    • Added sneaking (press [C] to toggle it)
    • Gravity now depends on the planet’s size

Improvements and bugfixes

  • Improved chat
    • Chat messages now disappear after a while
    • Chat channel now displayed left of the chat input field
    • Added universe chat (/2)
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed bug that caused cast bar to sometimes disappear on consecutive casts
    • Fixed bug that prevented some chunks from loading on the spaceship
    • Reduced flickering of leaves
    • Fixed directional light (sun) shadow

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