Explore strange new worlds!

In Cube Universe, you can travel through the universe in your own spaceship and explore planets that no one has seen before. You can download the Alpha for free. I developed this game on my own while I studied, so don’t expect too much content for now. There will be regular updates, so you can come back in a few weeks to see what has changed.

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2 thoughts on “Explore strange new worlds!”

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      well, it is not yet finished, so currently the major difference is that you can travel to other planets through the universe. Also, the blocks are smaller. The planned features will make the difference more obvious, including a quest system and dungeons. I’m still looking for a graphics designer to create different and more textures, more types of planets, better models etc.

      If you wait a few months, the game will have more content and different/better graphics that distinguishes it from other voxel games. You can download and play it for free though and will still be able to do so in a few months.

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