Early Access Road Map

We’d like to share our plans for Cube Universe with you. It is not easy for us to plan everything, since additional to the challenges of planning milestones in software development in general, our plans also depend on the sales of the game. So below, you can find a very approximate road map for when the features may be released.

Dungeons and raids
MMO-like dungeons and raids that are procedurally generated. Imagine a pyramid with labyrinthine corridors that ultimately lead to bosses that will hopefully drop your desired item.

  • Technical implementation and the first dungeon: Jun 2018 – Aug 2018
  • More content: Dec 2018 – Feb 2019

Mods and user-generated content
Support for easy modding, including a terrain editor for custom terrains with custom quests. Most of the content is already defined in XML files, so we will only have to add some logic that loads user-generated XML files and some code for interaction between different mods. Additionally, a Lua API will be added to support more advanced mods.
Mods will not only be easy to create, but also easy to install – if you connect to a modded server, you will not even have to manually install mods since this will be done automatically.

  • Technical implementation of a basic API: Sep 2018 – Nov 2018

Space stations
Feeling lonely in space? No one can hear you scream? Well, then visit one of the space stations and meet with other folks! Trade your goods on the intergalactic market, buy upgrades for your spaceship and much more!

  • Technical implementation and first space station: Dec 2018 – Feb 2019

Battles in space
Fight other players and NPCs in epic battles in space. Upgrade your spaceship or buy a better one to stand a chance against those filthy space pirates – or to be fast enough to outrun them.

  • Technical implementation: Mar 2019 – May 2019

Fight other players on battlegrounds.

  • Technical implementation and first battleground: Jun 2019 – Aug 2019

Asteroid fields
Looking for rare materials? Then asteroid fields are the place to go!

  • Technical implementation: Sep 2019 – Nov 2019

Patch 0.2 – Mission possible!

Patch 0.2 is here and adds a lot of features:

Main features

  • Quests
    • You will now find some quests in selected biomes: Jungle, Desert and Forest
  • New biome: Jungle
    • New type of tree: Jungle tree
    • New NPC: Raptor
  • New species: Floranian
    • Floranians are in balance with nature and love everything that grows.

More features

  • NPCs
    • NPCs now wander around
    • Improved NPC movement
    • New NPC: Raptor
  • Combat
    • Fire staff
      • Fireball now correctly does damage over time to the target
      • New spell: Ignite
  • Server
    • Servers can now be started via a button in the game (but currently only with default options)
    • Added icon to system tray
  • UI
    • Added settings menu
    • Added radar that show objects (e.g. quests) that are in the direction you are facing
    • Added quest tracker that show all tracked quests
    • Added red border around the screen when player is at low health
    • Added interaction tooltip below the crosshairs when facing an object that can be interacted with
  • Crafting
    • New recipes: Glass and jungle wood planks

Bugfixes and improvements

  • Map
    • Planets can now be filtered by the player’s level
    • The planet list now shows more info about planets
  • Performance and graphics
    • Added character (players, NPCs) and model (workbench etc.) shadows
    • Improved graphics performance
    • Optimized CPU usage, including some multi-threading, for rendering
    • Optimized world generation
    • Fixed planet rendering during sunrise and sunset
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed texture bug of block selection box
    • Fixed position of other players
    • Fixed bugs related to the planet’s poles and the transition at X=0
    • Fixed chunk loading and unloading issues
    • Loot in NPC corpses is now preserved even if the server is restarted
    • Fixed possible deadlock that could cause the server to become unresponsive
    • Security
      • Obtained code signing certificate, so there should be less warnings from Windows and also less problems with anti-virus software

Patch 0.1 – A new planet awaits!

Patch 0.1 is here and brings some new features and bugfixes!

New features

  • New planet type: Lunar
    • New type of ore that can only be found on lunar planets
    • New NPCs
    • New blocks (lunar rock)
  • New NPCs
    • Sand, Air, and Lunar Elementals
    • Polar wolves
  • Block updates
    • Water now flows, flooding caves that are underwater
    • Optimized block update in client
  • New loot
    • Loot is now random and specific to NPC species
    • Added elemental essences and elemental dust
  • Physics and movement
    • Added sneaking (press [C] to toggle it)
    • Gravity now depends on the planet’s size

Improvements and bugfixes

  • Improved chat
    • Chat messages now disappear after a while
    • Chat channel now displayed left of the chat input field
    • Added universe chat (/2)
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed bug that caused cast bar to sometimes disappear on consecutive casts
    • Fixed bug that prevented some chunks from loading on the spaceship
    • Reduced flickering of leaves
    • Fixed directional light (sun) shadow